Have a Phenomenal Greeting

Phenomenal Greeting Msg 

When people walk into your practice, your store, your restaurant, or call your company, you want to have an enthusiastic greeting that demonstrates you are excited to hear from them. And you should be!

So have a phenomenal greeting when people enter your facility or call your company.

I learned from Zig Ziglar many years ago to answer the telephone with “It’s a great day at…” Of course you might want to update that to “It’s a phenomenal day at…” (smile). Remember that your callers make several important assumptions about your company when they call.

They are listening to confirm that you will live up to the marketing message. They are making judgments about the value of your service, whether you know what you are doing, and whether you can be trusted or not. When the telephone is not handled properly, you can needlessly create a negative impression that now has to be overcome.

More telephone answering tips:

  • Speak slowly and clearly. Your caller may not be listening closely.
  • Never answer with “hello” (even your cell phone). A friend may have given a prospect your cell phone number (and why do we answer so negative when it is a family member?).
  • Never allow a child or a family member answer your business phone unless they are properly trained.
  • Never, ever answer with “Can you hold please?” This tells callers they are not important.
  • Be upbeat and positive always!
  • You may want to use a mirror. A smile comes through the phone.
  • Eliminate background noise, music, dogs, kids. This can be distracting and takes away from the experience for the client.
  • Ask the caller his or her name, write it down, and use the name from that point on.


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