Sellin’ Ain’t Tellin’

Sellin Aint Tellin
Do you know the power of a question? Did you know that “Sellin’ Ain’t Tellin'”?

Have you heard that asking questions during a sales presentation is much more effective than talking about your product or service? Have you noticed that most sales people break that rule on a regular basis? The last time you bought something, did the sales person ask good questions or did he or she do most of the “telling”?

What about you? How are you doing in that area? Have you practiced the skill of asking questions? Have you discovered the power behind asking the right questions? In fact, have you discovered the right questions to ask for your industry? Would you be surprised to find out that the questions are very similar for any product or service?

What are the best questions to ask?

What about asking a new prospect:

  • “Who do I have the pleasure of speaking with today?” (By the way, have you heard that someone’s name is music to their ears?) Wouldn’t it be a good idea to use their name along with all of the following questions that are directed toward them?

  • “How were you referred to us?”

  • “What prompted you to call us instead of someone else?”

  • “What did (the person or company that referred them) say about us?”

  • “What was it about the ad, letter, etc. that got your attention?”

Do you think asking those questions might give you insight into their reasons for choosing you? You don’t want to miss that, right? What if you followed that with, “Would you mind if I share a little bit about out how we do things here and how we can be of benefit to you?”

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