How to Find Phenomenal People

   What kind of person are you looking for as an employee? In my seminars, I ask small business owners what they are looking for. Typically this is what the list looks like.
• Successful – someone who has done well in the past.
• Good work ethic – someone who isn’t lazy.
• Positive attitude – someone with a pleasing personality and is enthusiastic.

• Great appearance – someone who dresses well and grooms themselves well.

• Intelligent – someone who is smart and can figure things out.
• Honest and trustworthy – one you can trust to do right by others.
• Loyal – one who is not there just for the money, but believes in your vision, mission, and purpose.

• Takes initiative – one who doesn’t have to be told what to do every time.

• Organized – one who keeps track of their things and responsibilities, not absent-minded.

• A leader – one who will influence others positively.

    Wow! We aren’t asking for much are we? In today’s “values challenged” world (I’m being nice), this is like finding a needle in a haystack!
  What kind of person are they looking for as an employer?
• Successful – successful people want to associate with successful people.
• Good work ethic – they don’t want to work for someone who is lazy.
• Positive attitude – who wants to work for someone with a negative attitude?

• Great appearance – well groomed people don’t like to be associated with a sloppy leader.

• Intelligent – what smart person wants to work for a dumb person?
• Honest and trustworthy – who wants to work for someone they don’t trust?
• Loyal – who wants to work for someone who might dump them at the drop of a hat?
• Takes initiative – who wants to work for someone who doesn’t know how to lead?
• Organized – organized people like organized people.
• A leader – leaders don’t want to work for someone who doesn’t have leadership skills.

   Have you noticed a pattern here? You attract who you are. This is why it is so important for you to become a different, better person. If you are going to attract phenomenal people, you’ve got to be one!
   The phenomenally successful person builds the phenomenally successful business. Successful people don’t want to work with someone who doesn’t have a clear vision. They don’t want to be on a mediocre mission, and they desperately want to have meaning in their lives. What is your reputation as a business owner? How do you rate in these areas?

(Reference Pages 216-218 of the 5 Secrets of a Phenomenal Business Book by Howard Partridge)

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