The Success Formula for Holding Meetings

  Start all of your meetings with recognition and praise. You want to build a culture of praise. Dale Carnegie said the number one thing employees want is sincere and honest appreciation. You might start out with who’s top in sales or read testimonials. Depending on the type of meeting and what the
purpose is, you can even just start by appreciating them as a group. Be sure to recognize them for specific things.

   A common thing for small business owners is to allow a lack of performance to cause resentment. Although you may want to let them know how you feel in a group setting, it never works. Praise in public, discipline in private. If you can’t find anything to praise anyone for, you have a leadership problem.

  There have been times when we had an entire meeting on appreciation.  Each person appreciates another team member for something specific. We call it an “appreciation fest.” Be sure that everyone is recognized. If anyone is left out, you’ll have the opposite effect. 

(Reference Page 209 of the 5 Secrets of a Phenomenal Business Book by Howard Partridge)

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