How to Hold Phenomenal “Meetings”

   I hate meetings. I’m not sure why, but meetings feel like one of those old vinyl records that all of a sudden goes into slow motion. As an “of-the-charts D” I want everything moving and moving fast! But I have found that it’s impossible to communicate effectively if you don’t meet with your team on
a regular basis.

  Meetings give you an opportunity to share the vision, mission, and purpose as well as get feedback from your team. Most importantly, it’s your opportunity to build community in your business. Having a positive, productive staff comes down to communication. Regular “meetings” are the way to make that happen.

  I hesitate to use the term “meeting” because it has a negative connotation.  You may want to adopt the term I learned from my friend, Kirby Lammers.  Kirby always called his staff meetings a “family reunion.” He goes on to say, “No negative energy allowed.” The last thing you want to do is allow your meetings to turn into a gripe session. If you don’t give your staff a positive, phenomenal vision, mission, and purpose, they will automatically focus on what’s wrong. It’s human nature. Make all of your meetings positive.

(Reference Pages 208-209 of the 5 Secrets of a Phenomenal Business Book by Howard Partridge)

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