Seven Step Sales System


Many years ago, I developed a system that has proven to work in many small businesses around the world. When you understand and apply this system, I believe you can close more sales because I have seen it work many times. Through this system, you will also confirm that you have the right type of prospect, and you will disqualify the price shoppers (sounds nice doesn’t it?).

Always remember to find out how your customer, client or patient was referred to your business…

The purpose of this step is to:

  • Track marketing results. This is the best time to track marketing results. When you find out what ad they responded to or how they were referred to you, put that information into a tracking system. This way, you will know how many prospects each ad source is producing. And when you track your close rates on a specific source, you can determine whether that source is working well for you or not. If not, you can change the ad or train the referral source. Does the source truly have the attention and trust of your prime target market? These are the questions that will come from tracking how people were referred to you. If you have a facility, ask, “Have you been to our (store, restaurant, practice, etc.) before?” Over the phone, you would say something like, “Have you ordered from us before?”
  • Build rapport. By discovering more about why they responded to the ad or what the person who referred them said about you opens the door for you to learn more about them. You can then relate to them based on what they say. For example, when they say, “Suzy recommended your product,” you say something like, “Great, we love Suzy, and are so glad she referred you. What did she say about us that interested you?”
  • Learn their motivation. When they share the answer to that question, you may get tremendous insight into why they chose you over someone else. This also gives you tremendous insight into how your prospects make buying decisions, which helps you dramatically improve your marketing. Depending on your industry, you might ask, “What prompted you to call today?”

Finally, you should understand the emotional reasons your prospects call you. What is the irritating problem or the exciting opportunity they are contacting you about? There may be several. Identify what they are and have a list so that during the interview process, you can connect with those.


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