Seven Step Sales Process Continued

Zig Ziglar said… “A good salesman has his customer’s best interest in mine.
A good salesman has a solution to a need of his customer.”

Part of the 7 Step Sales Process is Connecting Emotionally

There will most likely be an overarching, broad, big picture emotion that your prospects are experiencing when they first call you. For example, if you do weddings, what kind of emotions are you dealing with? In this case you have a combination of excitement and fear happening all at once! On one hand, the bride is excited about the biggest day of her life, while at the same time gripped by fear that someone or something could ruin it all.

You may have heard that people always buy on emotion. They justify their purchase with logic, but the sale is really made on emotion. People only buy things because they have to—they want to. The emotion of “have to” is to avoid pain; the “want to” is to get gain. One is the emotion of fear of loss (buying insurance), the other is the emotion of desire (getting that new Lexus).

To be phenomenally successful in sales (instead of being an “order taker”), you must connect with the dominant emotions your prospects have. For example, what is the dominant emotion when selecting a service company to come into your home? Fear. Are they going to send someone who is trustworthy? Be sure to connect with them with a statement like, “We know there are unscrupulous service companies out there, but we’ll help you avoid them by giving you the most phenomenal service experience ever, guaranteed or your money back.”

If the dominant emotion is excitement (like when someone arrives at your hotel to begin their vacation, you want to connect with that and be excited for them.

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