What Meetings Should You Have? (cont.)

Weekly Staff Meeting

This is your big meeting where you have the entire staff together. It is important for your staff to see the team as one. Production staff tend to think that office people sit around with their feet on the desk eating chocolates all day, and the office staff may think the production staff isn’t trying hard enough, or whatever. There are many assumptions that are made.  Bringing the team together to show the importance of each team member’s role is essential.

1. Start with positive client comments. Recognize those who met their goals. Everyone in the company has a goal. Deal with the negative client comments in private with those who are involved.

2. Recognize new employees. I am very cruel as I make the brand-new person recite the mission statement at the first staff meeting.  After the new person recites it in the staff meeting, we discuss
what it means. We have five pages on what our mission means.  Those five pages are the first pages of our company manual.

3. Review sales report. You should have a monthly goal, and you should track it and post it every day.

4. Training session. This is training that benefits the entire group. It could be a DISC Assessment, a video on values from me, Zig Ziglar videos, technical training, or sales training.

As with any relationship, regular communication is the key to keeping everyone positive and productive.

(Reference Pages 211-212 of the 5 Secrets of a Phenomenal Business Book by Howard Partridge)

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