Why Most Small Business Owners Don’t Up-Sell

Have you been guilty of not making the up-sell in the past? I have. Why is that? Here are the reasons I have found that up-sells aren’t made (by the owner and staff):

1. Pushy salesperson

You don’t want to appear as the “used car salesman” stereotype. I will share with you in just a moment that you are actually doing your customer wrong by not offering the up-sell. I will prove it to you and you will agree, so stay with me.

Our view of a salesperson has likely been skewed as we grew up. We have been conditioned to believe that all salespeople are con artists. Maybe we grew up seeing salespeople take the discretionary income from our families. You must see yourself as a consultant who is looking out for your clients.

2. Fear

Somewhere along the way we have picked up the fear of rejection and we don’t really know where it comes from. When we get confidence through sales training, we have goals, we have a system that we follow, and we have the desire to reach our goals and take the best care of our clients, we can have the focus to move forward even in the midst of fear.

Do you remember the acronym for FEAR? False Evidence Appearing Real. Your wonderful imagination is creating emotional images. They are almost always false, but appear real because of the way our minds work. Winners don’t lack fear, they proceed in the face of it.

3. Lack of training

Sales training gives you confidence. If you have staff, they must be trained in sales and presenting the products and services properly.

4. No system

You should have scripts and procedures that are followed consistently. When you develop the right system that consistently works, it is then up to you to consistently implement it.

5. Lack of goals

If you do not have clearly defined, compelling financial goals, you are less likely to do all you can in this area. It’s a human fact. If your life goals don’t require money, hopefully the cost to your client will motivate you to make the sale. You may have employees who have not connected their financial position to their future and may have “stinkin’ thinkin’” about money. If so, that will limit the possibilities. You need to help them expand their money mindset.

6. Busy

We are all busy today, but let me ask you a question, “If you don’t make the most profitable sale ever and spend your time on less profitable activities, isn’t it costing you more time to not up-sell?” Ponder that for a moment.

Not making the up-sell is doing your customer WRONG!

How is it possible that not up-selling is doing your customer an injustice? Let me ask you another question, “If your client doesn’t use your extra services, will it cost them anything?” If not, you shouldn’t be selling it. There is obviously a gain from purchasing your product or service, so there must be a cost if they don’t.

Also, if they don’t buy it from you and they learn about it from your competitor, how do you feel about that? Are all of your competitors honest and ethical? How do you feel about them taking care of your customer rather than you?

Finally, do you have a phenomenal reputation? Do you have experience? Are you educated in your field and do you educate your clients? Do you provide a phenomenal customer service experience? Do you stand behind your product?

Then wouldn’t you agree that if they don’t get to take advantage of all you have to offer, you are actually doing them wrong by not at least letting them know about it? It is their decision, but you are the consultant. As advisors, it is our job to share the opportunity with them.