You may not feel that you are up to providing that level of service experience. You may feel it is beneath you. You may be thinking, How in the world could I get my staff to act that way? I’m here to tell you that not only can you change your culture, I want to offer you some benefits of creating a phenomenal service system. Perhaps if we can tune into your favorite radio station, WIIFM (What’s In It For Me), you’ll be more likely to put the work into making this happen.

What’s in this for you:

  1. Your clients will be happier, which means you’ll have fewer headaches.

  2. Your staff will be happier, which means they’ll stay longer and work harder.

  3. Your service experience will no longer require you to make every client happy.

  4. You’ll make more money.


Remember the PLV (Potential Lifetime Value) of a client that we talked about in Phenomenal Sales Systems? Before looking at the economic value of a client, let’s talk about the fact that they deserve to be treated right. Customers deserve a positive, friendly experience at minimum. Customers deserve to be valued for the simple fact that they are human beings who should be highly regarded. That is the minimum standard. God’s phenomenal creation standing in front of you!

John Maxwell says when you don’t value people, you de-value them. This is the core issue surrounding customer service. How we value people has a direct impact on how we treat them. You can say you value someone, but your actions show the true value. The only reason you need to value your customers is because they deserve it. They pay your bills for you. We should all be grateful for our customers’ support. Without them we have nothing.