Why Systems are Critical to Your Business

The key to profitable growth

Have you ever seen companies that grow big fast only to discover that more money is going out than is coming in? I have. And it is not very phenomenal! The bigger you get without systems, the more money is going out the door in reinventing every day.

Employees perform better

When your employees don’t have to depend on you to direct their every move because they have a system to work in, their performance increases.

Fewer surprises

Have you noticed that human beings do weird things? The stuff people come up with sometimes is mind boggling. Like the time one of my clients had an employee who wrecked a company truck. Instead of calling the owner and letting him know, he hid the truck behind his house and didn’t show up for work the next day. Of course my client didn’t have systems in place then. Now he does. Don’t leave it to your employees to try and figure out the best thing to do. Have a system.

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