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I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. I know I did. It wasn’t big or fancy, just family. No big presents this year, just day to day stuff that we all like.

I did get my wife an iPad so she can catch up with the rest of the world!

Ready for 2011? Are You Sure?

If you are like most people, you will make some New Year’s Resolutions over the holidays. You may not have called them that, but you probably decided to make some changes this year.

Why Most New Year’s Resolutions NEVER Come to Pass…

With more “down-time” than usual during the holidays, business owners have a chance to reflect on the past year and do some thinking and planning. Once they get back into the daily grind, it all goes to pot. The reason is that you need more than just a “resolution” -you need a PLAN.

“Resolution to Reality”

Do you have a complete, clearly defined, written 12 month business plan? Sadly, most small business owners don’t. Sad, because a focused plan can make the difference between barely getting by and huge success. Now, I’m not talking about a boring, formal business plan like the ones you find online… I’m talking about a real “working plan” that you can follow through 2011.

One that’s Actually PROVEN to Work!

A plan that is based on past success. As you probably know, I started my carpet cleaning company out of the trunk of my car over 26 years ago and built it up to a consistent $2.5 million per year. For over a decade, I have been showing small business owners how to break-free from the demands of their everyday business and transform it into a predictable, profitable, turn-key operation. I have worked with some of the world’s top business trainers including Michael Gerber and Zig Ziglar, and many other “thought leaders”.

“What’s the Difference Between Highly Successful Business Owners and Those Who Aren’t?”

Phenomenally successful business owners IMPLEMENT the things that will take their business to the next level rather than continuing to be a slave working “in” the business. The reason they implement is because they have a compelling VISION that drives them. The reason they have a vision is because they take time out to PLAN.

The one thing that all of my most successful members have in common…

They have written goals and plans. They have a compelling VISION for their life and business.

If YOU Would Like to…

  • Get yourself and your business more organized…
  • Have a complete, 12 month business plan for 2011 and beyond…
  • and you want to have a predictable, profitable, turn-key operation..
Then be sure to join me, my top consultants, and my most successful members at …

The 2011 “GET FIT” Business Planning Conference with World Famous American Legend Zig Ziglar!

January 28th & 29th Dallas, Texas Marriott DFW North

Remember that the ONLY reason your business exists is to help you achieve your LIFE GOALS. There is no other reason your business exists. It is THE vehicle that you have chosen to take you on your success journey. Shouldn’t you have a plan? Shouldn’t you have a map? Isn’t your future worth doing it right?

“He Who Fails to Plan, Plans to Fail”

Here’s what this event is all about…

Day 1 (January 28th): Ziglar’s 7-Step Goal Setting Formula

Zig’s TOP trainer, Bryan Flanagan will lead the first day. Bryan has presented with Zig in front of tens of thousands of people and trains at some of America’s top institutions.

You will enjoy a full day immersed in “all things Ziglar” as Bryan leads us in Ziglar’s PROVEN 7-Step Goal Setting Formula that will help you actually achieve your goals in 2011 rather than your “resolutions” becoming just a faded wish. The Ziglar Goal Setting Formula is actually a SYSTEM that will serve you every day.

Would you agree that your business has a profound effect on your personal life? Getting completely clear on your personal goals is key to designing the business so that you can achieve your life goals.

Myself, my coaches and my most successful members will be there to share our “secrets of success” to help you get all you want out of your business.

Day 2: (January 29th) Build a PHENOMENAL Business PLAN with Howard Partridge

Today, I will personally lead you through a number of exercises to help you develop your 12 month business plan. I have owned 7 small businesses all together, I have bought and sold companies, had partners, franchised, and developed training programs that have transformed small businesses worldwide.

You will leave this event with a real-world working business plan. This is not a dry, formal business plan that doesn’t really mean anything, but rather and plan that you can literally follow throughout the year. Your plan will include a 12 month Marketing Plan, 12 month Financial Plan and a 12 Month Implementation Calendar so you can make 2011 your best year ever!

Imagine how confident, organized and refreshed you will feel when you leave that event KNOWING what you need to do for 2011! If you get “fuzzy thinking” during the year, just pop open your business planning binder to see what you need to be doing.

And Finally… Meet World Famous American Legend, Zig Ziglar Himself!

Zig Ziglar is perhaps the most quoted “motivational speaker” in the world. He’s a living legend and he only speaks at either very large events where you can’t get close to him, or small private events that you wouldn’t know about.

Mr. Ziglar will be joining us for lunch, and will be available for you to get your book autographed, get a picture with him and get a few words of wisdom. I’ve had the honor of being in his company in very intimate settings such as private dinners,  their offices, and backstage.  Each time, he has shared something profound that has made a huge difference in my life. The man is simply amazing. Don’t miss this opportunity of a lifetime.

Register NOW – This Event is Filling Quickly!

Attend this amazing 2 day event and walk away with a complete, written business plan for 2011, meet some amazing people, get advice from myself, my top coaches and members, and meet Zig Ziglar himself for the nominal fee of only $595.00 per person.

At first that may seem like a high fee, but if you think about it, what is your family’s future worth? Isn’t it time to get serious about that? How many jobs would you have to do to pay for this? One or two?

“Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance”

Are you completely satisfied with your past performance? If not, will things just magically change without you doing something radically different than you’ve done in the past? If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.

Register NOW and Bring Your Spouse for FREE!

Plus, Get a FREE Zig Ziglar Book!

If you are like most small business owners, your spouse is very involved in the business, and it’s hard to come back from a seminar and try to “explain” everything you learned. So, register now and you bring your spouse absolutely free. Plus, when you arrive, we’ll give you a free Zig Ziglar book that you can get autographed while you are there.

100% Money Back Guarantee

If for ANY reason you are not completely thrilled with this seminar. Just let us know before you leave the seminar and you don’t pay. Keep the binder. Keep the book. We remain friends.


I look forward to meeting YOU in person, in Dallas! – Howard Partridge