The “Perspicacious” Spacewalker

Thanks to my good friends Dave and Kate DeBlander, I got to meet astronaut David Wolf. He is Kate’s cousin and we went to his house for dinner.

It was fascinating hearing about the 8 and-a-half minutes from lift-off to orbit in the shuttle, almost dying on MIR during a 5 month stint with only 2 others on the station, to heading up the Spacewalk program.

He showed us pictures on his iPhone of his space walks outside the space station.

He is also a medical doctor and has done some amazing work in the area of human tissue creation.

He said one of the most important qualities of being an astronaut was being “perspicacious” which means to have a keen mental understanding and discernment when you are in a situation that requires quick decisions.

We are hoping he can join us at one of our upcoming live events.