Phenomenal Operations Systems

Operations is everything you do to serve your clients. Phenomenal operations delivers a meaningful service experience that engages, educates, and entertains your clients, making them feel special. A phenomenal operations system is a group of working parts that duplicates results consistently (without you having to be there).

Michael E. Gerber, author of the E-Myth books says, “Most business owners are not entrepreneurs, they’re technicians.” If you are like most small business owners, this may be the strongest area in your business, but you might be surprised to find out that being strong in this area is creating your biggest weakness. If you aren’t able to duplicate your technical skills, you won’t have a system, which means you’ll remain a slave to the business.

Chances are you went into business doing what you do because you had skill in that industry. Maybe you worked for someone else, or maybe you knew someone else who was successful in that business. The fatal assumption as Michael Gerber calls it, is to assume that since you’re the best pie baker, the best teacher, the best trainer, the best plumber, or whatever it is that you do, that you will be successful in business. Nothing could be farther from the truth. But like the other four areas, this one is just as vital to the success of your business. The question is whether you’ll be successful turning your technical expertise into a system.