Five Steps to Double Your Business (without adding one customer)

  1. Get a higher price. One of the reasons to constantly be in front of your past and existing clients (other than the fact that your competitor is marketing to them), is to reinforce your brand message that positions you at a higher value. Translation: higher price. Constantly remind them of the reasons to always use you and build the unique experience around your company.
  2. TOMA (Top Of Mind Awareness). Just because you did a great job doesn’t mean your customers will remember you. I had $6,000 worth of plumbing done in my commercial building. I completely forgot about the plumber who had serviced my home on occasion. Why? Because he doesn’t have a system to stay in touch. Do you? How many of your customers are gone because of it?

  3. Sell more products and services. You probably have a variety of products and services in addition to your main product or service. Marketing to your past clients can dramatically increase your income and profit margin!

  4. Increase frequency of use. Getting your clients to purchase more often is another powerful thing that can add lots of dollars to your business.

  5. Referrals! If your clients have trouble remembering your name, much less all the wonderful things that set you apart, what are the chances they are going to be good referral sources? No chances! A strong client-based marketing program can dramatically increase your referrals, especially if you have a Referral Reward Program.