The Phenomenal Power of Group Marketing

A great way to maximize your time and referrals is to offer presentations to as many groups as possible. And don’t worry, you don’t have to be a professional speaker to do this. Just care about people and be willing to share.

There are 4 reasons that Group Marketing is extremely profitable…

1. Types of Learning. Your goal as a consultant is to educate your referral sources so that they can in turn educate potential clients on your behalf.
There are 3 types of learning 1. Cognitive. This is information that is shared and you only need a teacher to deliver the information. 2. Psychomotor – In this domain, you are learning a skill. To learn a skill, you need an instructor. In other words, to really learn how to fly an airplane, you need to do more than just read a book. 3. Affective Domain. This domain deals with emotions, values, and experiences. By creating a learning “experience”, the values and emotions are “caught”. To provide an experience, you need a facilitator. So, share the information and create an experience.
2. Time and Energy. If you have 50 people in one room for 45 minutes, you just saved at least over 36 hours worth of time and energy! This assumes that you would want to call on each person that is in the group and it also assumes that you could actually get an appointment with each of them. Many times, they are required to be at staff meetings, product knowledge (PK) meetings, etc.
3. Consultant Factor. The simple fact that you are doing “presentations” positions you as a consultant. It may not make you a great consultant, but it automatically positions you as one. You now have more credibility just by being in front of the group!
4. Opportunities. Every group presentation you do will spawn more opportunities for presentations, networking, and private meetings.

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