Two Versions of the Message

There are two primary ways you will use this message:

  1. Introduction version – Short, memorized
  2. Presentation version – Longer, applied to the situation

The introduction version is used in any case in which you are in a position of “introducing” your company to a prospect (like the example of the CPA example earlier). If someone comes across a brochure about your company, it should deliver these five points. In the case of using it verbally (in the grocery store for example), you can cover all five points very effectively in about 60-90 seconds. Some people call this the “Elevator Pitch.”

Now instead of using language that focuses on “how you do your work” like everyone else does, you are “refocusing” that prospect on the five things that set you apart. Using the five points, you will be able to convey a meaningful message in a short amount of time that will set you apart and will attract the right kind of prospects.

The longer, presentation version is used once you have generated prospects and you have the opportunity to give them a presentation. This may be over the phone or in person. The benefit of doing a presentation is that you can discover their needs and customize your five point message to fit their needs, concerns, and desires. (You will see this again in Phenomenal Sales Systems).

I call the Five Point “Experiential” Marketing Message a UEPTM (Unique Experience PropositionTM). You may have heard of a USP (Unique Selling Proposition) in the past. Because Experiential Marketing is so important, I have changed that to a UEP.