The Phenomenal Five Point “Experiential” Marketing Message

Several years ago I developed my five point marketing message. This message covers what I believe are the five things that people will stand in line and pay the highest price for. When you have all five of them in place and you understand how to use them in your marketing, you can literally position yourself at the top of any industry. I’ve done it in three different industries and helped thousands of small business owners around the world in many different industries improve their position at minimum, and many have dominated their markets.

Here are the five points:

1. Reputation. There is one primary “unspoken” question that every prospect has about every person or company they do business with. Can you think of what it is? “Can I trust you?” is the question. They may not verbalize it just like that, but that is their number one question. So in your marketing message, you must not only demonstrate trust, but prove that you have a phenomenal reputation.

2. Experience. The second unspoken question all prospects have about your business is “Do you know what you are doing?” I can trust you all I want, but if you don’t have a clue what you are doing, what good is it? So your marketing message, must prove that you have experience.

3. Education. The third point demonstrates that you are trained, that you have specialized knowledge. It has to do with being an educational source as well as certification. We will cover all of these points in detail.

4. Systems. This point has to do with both the technical systems of your business as well as your customer service system. In other words, how will you service that client different from anyone else? If you are providing a technical, repair, or maintenance service, what is different about the service call compared to other companies?

5. Guarantee. The final point is to remove the risk of moving for- ward from the customer. The way you structure your guarantee has great impact on your message. More on this in just a moment.