Secret #3: A Phenomenal Operations System

Operations is everything you do to service your customer, patient, or member. The level of service you provide determines whether they will ascend the “loyalty ladder” and go from customer to client. What’s the difference between a customer and a client? A customer buys something solely on the price, value, or special, but doesn’t have any loyalty to you. A client wants a consultant, an advisor, or a partner, so to speak, to “take care of that area of their lives.”

You wouldn’t choose a doctor based on price, would you? Or how about finding the cheapest accountant or attorney? If you do, you’ll get what you pay for. Clients are loyal, they want a relationship, they want information, and they refer others like them.

Do you have service systems in place so that your clients get the most phenomenal service experience ever, consistently every time? Without you having to be personally involved?