No team No dream


Dave Anderson said, “If you have a dream, but no team, you’ve got to give up the dream or build up the team.” Do you have a dream? Is your dream inspiring enough to create the desire you need to build a team? Remember, the one and only reason your business exists is to be a vehicle to help you achieve your life goals (your dream). You will not reach your biggest dreams in life by yourself. There are many things required to build a business that are simply out of your gift zone.

You can’t do everything yourself. There isn’t enough time in a day to successfully implement all 12 functions on your organizational chart by yourself. Can you outsource a lot of what you do? Sure, but that still requires leadership. How do you handle it when your vendor or Virtual Assistant doesn’t come through for you? Don’t you need influence with everyone you work with, other than threatening to fire them?

Discovering how to lead and build a team set me free to do the things I love to do. I have a staff of 40 who run my companies for me, and I can travel the world without having to be involved in every detail. I learned what leadership is. I developed myself as a leader. I then began developing my people to be leaders. Then I applied my systems approach to leadership just like the other areas of my businesses. The result? I can travel the world, take as much time off as I want, and live my dream—because I built a team. That is the reward.



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