Effective Communication


“All of Business is About Relationships. Relationships are Built on Effective Communication!”

How many communication mistakes are small business owners making? “Simply put, the communicator must consider the audience….” What if we really understood people? How much more effectively could we communicate with them? What if we truly understood human behavior? What if we understood the needs, wants, and desires of others? When I started my business I didn’t want to know about human behavior. I just wanted to make my customers happy. But I learned that understanding human behavior is the key to marketing, sales, customer service, and leadership.

In order to communicate better, it is important to understand others. Each of us have a different way of communicating. Understanding these communication styles helps us to connect better. I am grateful for the various behavior assessment programs that are available as they have helped me understand myself and others so I can communicate more effectively.

There are a number of programs available, and we use an in-depth program in my training systems, but the DISC Profile is a simple tool that has been especially helpful to me over the years.

Get the 5 Minute DISC Assessment and find the communication style you, your family members and staff members have!