Live Training Webcast Series

Here’s the schedule for my upcoming webcast schedule for December:

December 06

How to Be a Phenomenal Networker!

All of business is about relationships.
It’s not WHAT you know…
It’s not WHO you know…
It’s not WHO you know, but it’s what others know about YOU…
and what you know about them.
Discover the secrets of building relationships with those that can
have a huge impact on your career… key prospects, referral sources,
or highly influential people.
On this one hour session, I will share my proven techniques based on
over 27 years experience building my company from the trunk of my car
to a multi-million dollar enterprise and on to building relationships with
some of America’s TOP business trainers!

December 13

The 3 M’s of Marketing

In this session, you will learn how to increase your results in ALL
of the marketing you do.

December 20

Proven Direct Selling Techniques

Anyone that says face-to-face selling is dead, is DEAD WRONG!
Discover how to walk into a front door as a stranger and leave
with what you need to land an account.

December 27

Social Media Marketing

How do you put this new medium to work in your small business?
Is it just a time-robber or a real business building tool?
Find out how this medium can work for your business.

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