Beach Thinking

Beach Thinking…

Intentional Dreaming requires freedom of thought. You cannot effectively dream when you are dealing with day-to-day pressures. Get away from your business every 90 days to think, dream and plan. That’s why I go to beautiful beaches- the beauty inspires me.

I’m a beach bum. I absolutely love to just lay in the sun with a notebook and let thoughts come to me. The creative environment with the water, sun, and palm trees energizes my mind, will and emotion. The solution to a problem just appears out of nowhere – this doesn’t happen when you’re under stress. In fact, you usually make the WRONG decision when you’re stressed.

Getting away every 90 days for the intentional reason of thinking about your life and your business gives tremendous returns. Business retreats are held in relaxed environments because a relaxed, creative environment (like the ocean or the mountains) allows your mind to “freely associate”.


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