Viva Las Vegas? Latest News and Events…

It’s 6am in Vegas nearing the end of a 4 day stretch of convention speaking, trade show and a full day workshop today. I don’t really like Las Vegas, but a lot of events are held here and I understand that all of business and all of life is about relationships. So, I come here to connect with others.

Speaking of “connecting”, here are several ways we would like to connect with you:

Born To Win Howard Speak

If you want to stop being a slave to your business and discover how to transform it into a predictable, profitable turnkey operation, CLICK HERE to see our upcoming national workshop tour.

please join us this Tuesday morning (September 10th) for a FREE WEBINAR, as my good friend and NY Times best selling author Joseph Michelli will present on his newest book: Leading the Starbucks Way – 5 Principles for Connecting to Your Customers, Your Products and Your People.

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Also, while in Vegas I shot a video with Rudy, the real guy from the movie Rudy. He will be speaking at The Phenomenal MEGA Conference for Small Business Owners Oct. 24th – 26th in Dallas.



Click HERE for More Info on the Phenomenal MEGA Conference

Last, but certainly not least, I must THANK my phenomenal staff, my members and friends that support the work we do helping small business owners.

I am so grateful and overwhelmed with the love, the respect and support I have received from you. I can’t believe God allows me to do this!

A special thank you to Jim Francis and his mom Sandy for arranging a limo to take us to a phenomenal private dinner and a night at The Freemont Street Experience.







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