TOP 2 Referral Strategies

Referrals are the #1 way to get new clients, but sadly very few business owners have a referral system.

And those that have a system do it WRONG!

Here are the TOP 2 things you should be doing…

1. You should have a referral reward program that rewards people automatically when they send you a new client. When you compare the cost of paying to advertise to strangers to getting a referral, you should be willing to pay a reward.

The problem is that most people get this wrong or they aren’t willing to offer a reward.

2. You should have a referral relationship program. Have you identified the referral sources that can refer your best clients? Do you know what to say to them? Hint: NEVER ask for a referral! How many referral sources did your company call on last week?

These two simple strategies helped me build a couple of very successful companies. I hardly spend any money on paid advertising.

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Howard and Dave Frey

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Howard’s Proven Referral Marketing Systems

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