They Laughed at Me and Said “Who Do You Think You Are?”

About 13 years ago I was part of a little group of carpet cleaners that met every Monday to discuss ways to build our businesses. Often times some of the members would complain about price-shoppers and the economy.

They hadn’t shaven. They were not dressed for success, and generally displayed what Zig Ziglar calls “stinkin’ thinkin'”. (which means they need a check-up from the neck-up!)

I arrived carrying a briefcase, wearing a sport coat, a tie and a positive attitude. As I shared a number of ideas, they laughed and said “Who do you think you are, Zig Ziglar or somebody?!”

Well, of course I have done 5 video webcasts for the Ziglar corporation. And Zig, Tom and Julie Ziglar have all appeared at my events. Last May, I shared the stage with Zig Ziglar at Extreme Business Makeovers.

“They Laughed at Rudy Too” – Watch my interview with Rudy next week

Everyone told Rudy that he would never play football and to give up his impossible dream of playing for Notre Dame. They laughed at him. But Rudy didn’t give up, and he did play for Notre Dame, and was the only player ever carried off the field (before or since that time.

Before I give you the details on that interview, let me share how to…

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“Rudy! Rudy! Rudy!”

The fans chanted his name as he was the first and only Notre Dame player to ever be carried off the field before or since that time.

On this free video webcast recorded at the Ziglar Studios, I press Rudy for his definition of success and how he made his dreams come true.

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