The ONLY 3 Ways to Increase Sales

1. Increase Price
2. Get More Clients
3. More Frequency or Services from Existing Clients

Increase Price. If you are able to increase my price without losing too much in volume, your top line would increase. If you raise your price 20% and lose 20% of your sales volume, you are still making more money. If you raise your price 50% and lose 50% of your sales volume, you are still making more profit. This program reveals proven techniques for getting the highest prices for your product or service. By positioning yourself and your company differently – by creating a different message – you will be able to continually raise your price. The beauty is that you probably won’t lose any sales volume! If you do lose clients, you will quickly replace them with clients that are willing to pay a higher price because you will have developed a compelling case for doing business with your company.

Get more clients. The second way to increase sales is to get more clients. This is the one that people usually think of first. There are many, many ways to get more clients. This program will focus on how to get the best clients and to get as many as you want whenever you want.

Existing Clients. The third way to increase sales is to get your existing clients to use more of your services, or to use your services more often. This can have a dramatic effect on your income. If you are not marketing to your existing client base, you could literally double your business with this strategy alone. This is assuming that you have something to offer your existing clients. Keep in mind that properly marketing to your existing clients is one of the chief ways to position yourself at a higher level. By educating your clients and “training” them to think of you and your company in a certain way, you “brand” yourself among them. Don’t forget about referrals!! One of the most profitable benefits of marketing to your existing clients is their referrals!! If you are not in constant contact with your clients, they will forget about you. You must be top of the mind at all times. When anyone mentions your industry, your name should immediately come to mind.

Statistics have proven that it costs an average of 500% more to gain a new client than to keep an existing one. They already know you. You already know them. They have already paid your price. They are the most likely to do business with you assuming that you have a repeatable service, other products, and/or you want referrals from them. For most businesses not marketing to your existing clients is the biggest marketing mistake of all. This program reveals some of the strategies you can use to keep your current clients coming back for more and to keep them actively referring you.