The Most PHENOMENAL Marketing Tool of All Time


The Most Phenomenal Marketing Tool of All Time

Many of the country’s top business trainers and marketers have recognized me as being a phenomenal marketer, so when I call something the most phenomenal marketing tool of all time, that’s a BIG statement! This is a tool that I have been using, at the time of this writing, for more than five years. It’s a tool that any small business owner or professional can use. And it’s also a way that anyone can make money.

Now, before I reveal what this amazing tool is, let’s remind ourselves that all of business is about relationships, and building your network of relationships is the most important business skill you can have. Building those relationships and staying in touch with your past clients are the two most important marketing activities you can be implementing. Having said that, would you agree that one of the most meaningful tools you could use would be a heartfelt, personalized greeting card? This is probably one of the most valuable ways you can communicate to someone. Much better than e-mail and way better than a promotional advertising piece.

But Here’s the Problem…

To consistently write a personal greeting card to everyone in your network and on your client base list is nearly impossible. But what if there were a way to send meaningful greeting cards that not only touch the heart, but also position you as the consultant and remind your contacts to support you?

What if the business cards that you collected at a networking group weren’t rotting away in a desk drawer, but were actually put into a system that was creating powerful relationships that can add great value to your life and career?

You can solve those problems with the most phenomenal marketing tool of all time! What is that tool? It’s called Send Out Cards. Send Out Cards is a greeting card company where you can choose from thousands of greeting cards and they will mail the card for you in a white envelope that looks handwritten (incidentally, the reason that is important is people always open personal greeting cards or invitations).

Why do I call this the most phenomenal marketing tool of all time? Here’s why: not only can you just jump on the website and send a card (through the US Postal System—it is not an e-card) it also looks personal and handwritten like an invitation and it has a real stamp. You can even use your own handwriting and signature! You fill out a little form and send it to Send Out Cards, and they load your handwriting and signatures (you may have several, perhaps one from you and your spouse or business partner). Now, if your handwriting is as bad as mine, you might want to skip that option, but it gets better…

You can even create your own card quickly and easily and insert any picture that is on your computer. And remember, Send Out Cards sends that card through the mail in an envelope for as low as 93 cents plus postage (at the time of this writing). Send a card without a picture for as low as 62 cents plus postage.

Here are a few examples of how powerful this can be. Let’s say you have a meeting with someone or you meet someone at a networking group. You take a picture with that person. Simply upload that picture and send him or her a card. Easy as that. I have a standard “Nice to Meet You” card template in Send Out Cards, so when I get a business card, I don’t even have to create a card. My assistant simply selects that card and it is customized to the new person I have met.

Where can you get a full-color, custom piece in an envelope that you can have designed and mailed today for less than a dollar—in a quantity of one—in five minutes or less? The answer is no place.

When you collect business cards at a networking group, just have an assistant, a high school or college student (or even one of your children), enter the business card into the program and launch your “Nice to Meet You” card template that you’ve already designed.

Now, here’s the interesting part, where it gets even better…

Not only can you create a card with any picture on your computer, you can send that same card to an entire group of people in your database. Each card is personalized to each person! How cool is that? Here are a few examples: let’s say you have a small database of clients. Simply create a card and send it to the entire list. Your holiday and seasonal cards just became a breeze! Let’s say you belong to a networking group that has thirty-five members. You take a picture at the meeting and send it out to the entire group. Or, you attended an event or went to a conference. You can send the group picture to each person and each card is personalized.

For example, my wife and I went on a group trip to the Tuscany region of Italy for our thirtieth wedding anniversary. My nephew, an accomplished artist and art teacher, led the group.

The group has bonded under the Tuscan sun with freshly made pasta, organic veggies from the castle garden, and the beauty all around. Each one of them will receive a lovely card with a group picture, photos of Tuscany, and some photos of their art. This is something they will treasure for many years to come.

It gets even better…

Phenomenal Relationship Marketing means remembering birthdays and anniversaries. Send Out Cards has an automatic reminder system for that.

Gets even better…

Along with the card, you can send chocolates, brownies, cookies, gift cards (like American Express, Starbucks, Home Depot), books, CDs, and many other gifts.

Gets even better! You can create automatic multi-card campaigns. Earlier in the book I shared the importance of educating clients and staying in touch with them. A very important process is to “teach” new customers how to be great clients and how to refer you properly. So you have a series of cards that starts with a thank-you card. Next is a card that focuses on the referral program. Next a card that features one of your services, and so on.

Once you activate the multi-card campaign for a contact, Send Out Cards will automatically remember to send the card on a certain interval. If you think about it long enough you could activate a yearlong “Why I Like You” card campaign!

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