The Mission—Providing Your Unique Service Experience

As discussed earlier, the first vital component of a system is the mission. Your client has a problem and you have a solution. The solution is delivered by providing a unique service experience they can’t get anywhere else. Have your employees memorize that mission. Every conversation, every meeting, and every coaching session is in context of your mission.

You see, when we accomplish the mission (or not), a culture is developed. A culture is the result of the values we live by and how we act. The culture is built through how we live out our values. You can change your culture by living out different values.

Five Values that Create the Most Phenomenal Service Experience Ever

Do you remember the five things I shared with you in the marketing message earlier? Reputation, Experience, Education, Systems, and Guarantee. What would happen if we thoroughly communicated and trained our staff on how to live out those values? What if we talked a lot about what affects our reputation (positively or negatively)? What if we helped our staff gain more experiences they could pass on to the client and showed them how it helps us accomplish our mission? What if we immersed ourselves in education at every level? What if we had a step-by-step system at every level of the company that was proven to result in clients feeling that they had the most phenomenal service experience ever? What if we actually did what we said when it came to our guarantee?

What a wonderful world it would be! Can you see how training your staff on the same five points you are offering your clients result in exceeding client expectations? We can’t say one thing and do another.