The Greatest Leadership Lesson Ever

Everyone has a longing for belonging. We are created to need each other. We long for authentic relationships and we want to be part of something that is meaningful. We want to be loved, appreciated and accepted.

We live such independent, isolated lives here in America -and we want that – we want our freedom, but we long to be part of a “tribe” that has a meaningful mission and purpose. One that makes a difference in the lives of others.

We have no trust in government, religion or Wall Street. Yet we still long for community.

As a small business owner, you have the opportunity to have more influence (the definition of leadership) than any other “institution” and the key is understanding how to build what I call “community”. Community is not defined by a geographical area or an ethnic group but by a group of people that are on the same mission, that have the same vision, and that share the same values.

Community is living life together, learning and sharing at a deep meaningful level. Lives are being changed. People are being served and community members are growing.

Few companies or organizations achieve that today because they think it’s about power and prestige. Begin building community in your business or organization and watch your tribe members come alive. Watch your customers get excited about what you are doing and watch your profits soar!

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