The Golden Nugget -The Value of Events

The Golden Nugget

The Golden Nugget a nostalgic picture of a time gone by in Las Vega. Recently I was at a conference and I brought my wife and two of my managers with me. I got a text from one of them that read “I just got my golden nugget”. Have you heard that if you take away just “one thing” from an event that it’s worth the entire trip?

I believe that (IF you actually leverage that one thing and actually implement it). Remember that the #1 reason business owners don’t grow or do as well as they could is because of F.T.I. (Failure To Implement). You go to an event and get that “golden nugget” that really can make a difference in your business, but you fail to execute the plan.

Now that doesn’t mean that the event was a total waste. The fact is that “failure is an event, not a person. Yesterday really did end last night” as my mentor Zig Ziglar likes to say. You can change that. But the fact is that by attending a live event can deliver that one thing that can make a difference in your business. Of course success isn’t about just one thing, but finally coming to a decision to do something (maybe even something you know you should be doing and aren’t) can have a huge impact.

Maybe by attending an event you finally make a decision to begin up-selling consistently or maintaining an e-mail newsletter or to finally start mailing to your clients. Or, you finally get over the fear of hiring your first employee because you had a breakthrough conversation with someone that is successful in that area.

The idea here is “breakthrough”. The golden nugget is that small, but incredibly valuable thing that appreciates over time. If… you implement it.

Benefits of Attending a Live Event…

The Golden Nugget – Of course as I already mentioned, that one thing that is going to either take your business to the next level. Recently I was elected to a board and the CEO and I were chatting at the meeting. We were talking about this and he reminded me that you also learn the things “not to do” that could really bite you and cost you a lot of money.

Work “On” the Business – Most small business owners don’t take the time to get out of the everyday “pressure-cooker” of life to work “on” the business. Going to an event is a perfect time to do that. I know, I know, it’s also a good time to “party” but your business is the vehicle you have chosen to provide your ideal lifestyle, so take it seriously. Have fun, but make money too.

Relationships – Speaking of working “on” the business, a live event was where I first met Michael Gerber. I also met Ellen Rohr who has become one of my best buds in training. Last year I was at an event where I got to meet John C. Maxwell, the number one leadership expert in the world. Now I have been recognized by him and even watched the Superbowl at his Florida home.

Events are great places to connect with leaders. I know many people who attend events because they just want to connect with old friends. I am very grateful for the relationships I have made in our industry

Build Community with Staff – When I travel for events, I always like to take one of my staff members, coaches or colleagues with me because it gives us a great time to spend time together brain-storming and having fun. It builds a sense of community. I was grinding my coffee in the living room of my suite in Las Vegas and could overhear my two managers joking around and getting excited about the ideas they were throwing around. It really warmed my heart.

Some business owners resist investing money in training employees or sending them to events. I have found it to be one of the most powerful things for my business, because it gives them vision and makes them more valuable to your organization. “What if they quit?” you might ask. Well, to quote ol’ Zig again… “Is it better to train them and lose them, or NOT train them and keep them?”

Emotional Experiences – Many people don’t attend events because they figure they can just read a manual, or pull up the “information” online. What they overlook is the biggest reason events have an impact. Learning in an upbeat, exciting environment heightens your emotional receptors. When you have an emotional experience, you are much more likely to accept the idea, more likely to remember it, and more likely to implement it. Why? Because it means MORE to you than just information. You were touched.

I remember my good friend Neil Atkinson sitting in the audience when Michael Gerber was speaking. After that 90 minute presentation, Neil said “I get it!”. Since then his business has continually improved. So, attend as many live events as you can. Other than the Grace of Almighty God, the biggest factor in my success has been learning from others that have already done what I want to do.

One of my members, Ryan Drahota attended a one day workshop that had a session that included the Wheel of Life. He looked at the “Physical” spoke on the wheel and decided right then and there he was going to do something about it. The result? He lost 50 pounds and by the time you read this will have run a marathon!

Yes, I would say that events have value. Plan for your next one today.

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