The 4 Reasons People Don’t Set Goals

The 4 Reasons People Don’t Set Goals
Do you believe in goals? Of course you do. Everyone does. If you have a favorite TV show, or sports team, you set a goal to be in front of that TV. That’s a goal that you reached. Have you been on a date? Did you get married? Goal set. Goal reached.
The problem is that most people don’t set goals for other areas in their life and they don’t know (or don’t practice) the proven goal REACHING system.
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A few years ago, I became the very first Ziglar Legacy Certified Trainer in the world. I’ve enjoyed a life-changing relationship with the Ziglar organization.
Why you’ve “gotta have goals” (from Zig)
·      Goals help you focus your energy and accomplishment more.
·      Focused energy will take you farther than “going with the flow.”
·      The clearer your goal, the more apt you are to reach it.
4 Reasons people don’t set goals:
1. Fear
2. Poor Self-Image
3. Never been sold (on goal-setting)
4. Don’t know how
One of the things I learned from Zig is how to REACH goals, not just set them.
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