Phenomenal Leaders are Phenomenal Communicators

My definition of leadership is effectively communicating your vision, mission, and purpose. Let’s go back to GPS for a moment. Your vision is where you are going, your mission is how you will get there, and your purpose is why you do what you do. The key to phenomenal leadership is effective
communication. John Maxwell wrote a book called Everyone Communicates, Few Connect. When I say “effectively” communicating, I mean connecting. I mean that people are following. You can tell your staff what the vision, mission, and purpose is, but unless they are actually doing it, you haven’t gotten through yet.

Wikipedia states that the word communicate comes from the Latin word communis, meaning “to share.” I find this interesting because my belief (and experience) is that humans have a deep longing for belonging. We want to be part of a community that has a sense of shared vision, mission, and purpose.


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