New Product and Special New Year’s Message

Rudy Ruettiger

As you are reflecting on this past year and making your goals for the upcoming year, I wonder if you are reaching high enough. Our self doubt, low self image and lack of belief keeps us from dreaming bigger.

Rudy Ruettiger had a dream to play football for Notre Dame. He wasn’t smart enough, strong enough or rich enough. But he had something stronger than all of that. He had a vision and a determination. Against all odds, he achieved is dream.

You may think that what you really want to do deep down is too big, too lofty, and you aren’t “good” enough.

Like Rudy, everyone around you is telling you where your “place” is… “right here in the steel mill” they told Rudy.

I woke up this morning thinking about this “self-image” thing. When I opened my e-mail, I had an e-mail from one of my international members who said “when I took a serious look at where I am and where I want to go, all of my mistakes, failings and even fear jumped on board trying to make success at anything impossible”.

Then, she remembered a story I like to tell called “Who Do You Think You Are”

It was about 15 years ago, and I was part of a little group of small business owners. Several of them always complained about the economy, price-shoppers and about life in general. They weren’t dressed for success, and they were pretty negative.

I arrived every week, wearing a sport coat, a tie, and an “always positive attitude”. They laughed at me and said “who do you think you are, Zig Ziglar or somebody”? Well, I didn’t know Zig at the time, but now I work with Zig Ziglar and he has been on my stage!

I learned from Zig that “who you think you” are is very important because you will ACT out who you THINK you are. You might skirt it for a little bit, but it will find you because the image of who you think you are is implanted in your heart – in your subconscious mind. When you aren’t consciously thinking about who you are, you are sabotaging your success.

So you MUST come to a place where you KNOW who you are and WHAT you are after in life and business. Get a mentor to help you understand your gifts and talents.

Speaking of Zig Ziglar, last year I stepped into the Ziglar studio with Rudy. The real guy from the movie. I met him through my coach in Las Vegas. In a hotel room we wrestled over success like a couple of 800 pound gorillas. We both felt like we were getting some of the very best personal development thoughts available, so we decided to meet in Dallas at Zig’s studio and get it on tape.

We spent the entire day digging deep into Rudy’s insights – how did he stay focused on his dream? How do you control your mind each day? How do you even start dreaming? And I would press him to go deeper. I didn’t let me off the hook. At every turn I made him explain.

The result is a 2 hour audio program on 4 CDs. I let a few of my members listen to the rough cuts and one of them said it was the best personal development message she has EVER listened to.

You can be the judge of that. To see a quick video introduction from me and Rudy from Zig’s studio and to get more information on this new product, click here.

My Passion is Your Phenomenal Success in 2012!

Howard Partridge