How to Stay Focused and Organized and Profitable… G.P.S.

Michelle Prince Book

Do you sometimes feel like you worked all day but didn’t get anything done?

In today’s world, it’s a common feeling. Although we have so many “conveniences”, it seems we’re busier than ever.

Several years ago, I began a simple process that helps me get a lot done, and it helps me stay focused, organized and profitable…

I began to schedule an hour a day at the beginning of every day to get focused for the day and to work “on” my business, not just “in” it as my good friend Michael Gerber says.

I developed a system I call G.P.S. “G” is for Goals (where you are going), “P” is for Plans (the directions for getting there), and “S” is for Systems (the vehicles that will be used to get there) So, each morning, I review my Goals, and work on my Plan and I develop my Systems.

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Join us this Tuesday, September 25th at 6:00pm Central at NO CHARGE! Michelle and I will share some valuable systems for staying organized, focused and productive! Why are we doing this at no charge? Because Michelle Prince is one of the speakers at my upcoming conference and I am hoping you will fall in love with her and want to come to the 3 day conference in Dallas! (Scroll down for information on the conference)


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