How to Pay Your Employees

How can we be halfway into October already?

The holidays will be here in about 15 minutes. And you are looking down the barrel of the dreaded Holiday Bonus. Have you struggled with what to do to celebrate your team at year end?

Well, you may muddle through it this year. You might not meet the expectations of everyone, or anyone, as you hand out checks or reward.

In fact, one client told Ellen that he handed out $30,000 worth of rewards and only one of his team members said, “Thanks.”


Bonuses and rewards are just a subset of an even bigger challenge: How can you compensate and reward your team in a way that really makes sense, to you and them?


Ellen Rohr, who helped me fix my compensations program, is doing a 6 part webinar series at the end of this month.

Here’s a quick video interview I did with her, where you can learn all about it.

Be sure to register for the first session. You can attend at no charge.

Check it out…