Hosting a Live Ziglar Webcast for Business Owners…

The last chapter of Zig Ziglar’s latest book, “Born To Win”  is based on one of my quotes and I had the pleasure of helping Tom Ziglar with it. For the FIRST TIME EVER on a webcast, you will be able to hear “Born To Win for Business Leaders”.

I will be hosting the live webcast from Ziglar headquarters in Dallas as Tom does the teaching. Ask us any business question you have on this FREE LIVE WEBCAST! It will be held Wednesday Feb 22nd at 2:00pm Central Time.

Here’s the message from Tom Ziglar:

Do you ever feel like you are riding a bike uphill, just waiting for the downhill slope and the wind at your back? Let Tom Ziglar, a Master Bicycle Mechanic, help you get your ride smoothed out!

Reenergize, renew and reignite your passion for 2012! What are the 2 critical reasons for Zig Ziglar’s success? Come to this webcast and find out.

In this webcast you will learn:

  • If I am born to win, what is winning?
  • The eight things you must have in order to win in life
  • The seven key areas of life that must be developed in order to achieve balanced success
  • The key to long-term balanced success
  • Why vision determines how you steer through life
  • Why “P.C.” is absolutely critical, and why Zig Ziglar calls it the number two reason for his success
  • The only reason your business or your career exists
  • A simple and powerful way to determine where you are in life and business, and what to work on next
  • Why goals are the links in the chain that connect activity to accomplishment
  • The importance of “getting in gear” so that you can climb life’s mountains and maximize your speed
  • The most important “hub” of your life and how it influences everything else
  • Why Tom Ziglar is the Proud Son of Zig Ziglar and a Master Bicycle Mechanic

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