Faith, Family, Friends and FREEDOM (and some Fun too!)

IMG_1482Tom Ziglar e-mailed me a while back and said “A delegate from a conference that will be held at Cambridge University asked me to come and speak on the impact that Zig Ziglar’s philosophy has had on small business, and he wants me to bring 5 or 6 small business owners that have been impacted by Zig’s message”.



 1471_10201068981040999_821526752_nI decided to give away the opportunity for one of my coaching members to come along on the trip. Michael LeBlanc was the winner and the give-away was for two people, so he decided to bring one of my best friends Luis Hernandez. We had so much fun together, riding public bikes around Buckingham Palace and down to the Thames. Luis and Michael are such servants that instead of just kicking back on the trip, they carried my bags, and served the team tirelessly.




On the trip was Zig’s “best friend in the world” Bernie Lofchick (that Zig often talked about in his speeches), Larry Carpenter (who wrote the forward to Zig’s last book Born To Win), David Hurley, Billy Cox and Jim Ziglar (Zig’s nephew, who has worked with several U.S. presidents).


Lesson: We met there with a common cause – a common vision, which created a sense of community over just a couple days time. Now that we’ve shared such a special time together, each one of us would open the doors of our home or office for one another just like we would for our best friend. All of these men are extremely successful and talented.


All of business is about RELATIONSHIPS and building relationships is simply making FRIENDS.




Tom brought his daughter Alexandra, so there were three Ziglars there including Tom and Jim. The rest of us bonded so well that we became like family.


Lesson: When friends who have the same values grow together, friendships often turn into a feeling of community. We were all gathered to give tribute to Zig and his impact on our lives.



Speaking of friends, I got an e-mail from one of our UK coaching members, Dr. Diyari Abduh who is a dental implant specialist in Cambridge. Luis, Michael and myself were trying to figure out the best way to get from Cambridge to Bedfordshire (which is not easy without a car) and I get a text from Diyari “how about dinner?”. The next thing you know, we’re being chauffeured in a long black Mercedes!

 DiyariLesson: God always finds a way, and in the right timing!



 On July 4th, Tom and I did a full day Born To Win Business Growth Workshop in Bedfordshire. This workshop is designed to help small business owners stop being slaves to their business and finally get the freedom they’ve always wanted.


We will be doing 20 of these workshops over the next 12 months. Click here for more info.


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