Failure to Implement



The Number One Reason Most Small Businesses Don’t Grow

(or do as well as they could)


I shared a Japanese proverb earlier that says, “Vision without action is just a daydream….” I was speaking to a group one time and my friend, Kirby Lammers who was in the audience, chuckled and muttered “FTI.”

I asked him what it meant. He said a speaker he heard once called it “Failure To Implement.” Many times you know what to do and how to do it, you just don’t do it. After coaching hundreds of business owners and addressing thousands, I have found that FTI is the number one reason that small businesses don’t grow or do as well as they could.

Small business owners are so overwhelmed, distracted, and just trying to pay the bills that actually implementing anything additional can be daunting. This book is chock-full of phenomenal systems and strategies that can help your business; but if you don’t use them, they obviously won’t do you any good. These systems and strategies have literally revolutionized small businesses around the world, but it only happened because they overcame FTI.

So, what causes FTI, and how can you overcome it?

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