ALL of Business is About ONE Thing..

I spent last week in one of my favorite countries in all the world. I love Costa Rica for many reasons… the tropical beauty, the sunshine, the food, and the fact that I can ride ATV’s like a madman for miles without any restrictions.

Dangerous yes, but way cool!


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But what I like about Costa Rica the most is it’s people.

They are some of the nicest, most humble, serving,
smiling people I have ever met. In fact, my history
with Costa Rica goes back several years.
Carlos Avendano Web
 My friend and coaching client Carlos Avendano became
THE consultant for his industry there using my systems.
We got to hang out while I was there.

Seeing him grow as a leader is truly a blessing.


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              ALL of business is about…RELATIONSHIPS!

Your relationship with your staff will determine your leadership results.

Your relationship with your clients, referral sources and the community at large will determine your marketing results.

Your relationship with your prospects will determine your sales results.

And your relationship with yourself, your family and friends will determine your results in life.

If you want to have a PHENOMENAL LIFE, you’ve got to forge some phenomenal relationships.

 Speaking of relationships, on this trip, I got to spend time with my PHENOMENAL wife Denise, with my 76 year old mama (who was brave enough to zip line when I wasn’t!), my oldest brother Larry Partridge and his wife Dorothy, who love God and run a very successful McDonald’s in Mississippi. And my good friends and clients Bruce and Joanna DeLoatch who are phenomenal trainers and super cool people.

All of business and ALL of life is about RELATIONSHIPS.

When you leave this earth, that’s all you’ll have.

One of the greatest teachers of our time, American Legend Zig Ziglar said

                              “you can have everything in life YOU want…
                 if you just help enough other people get what THEY want”

Do You Have EVERYTHING YOU Want In Business and Life?

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Tom Ziglar and I have fun at our workshops! Join us!

Until next time, keep building relationships and I hope you have a PHENOMENAL DAY!