Advanced Referral Marketing Strategies

Once you build a solid relationship with referral sources and you are giving them the top three things they cherish (support, food, and money!), you can take it to the next level with these advanced strategies:

Cook Breakfast or Lunch: We have a system in place where we go to a cli- ent’s site and cook bacon and eggs, fajitas, etc. for our referral sources. One of my clients built a really cool trailer with a grill on it. They do fajitas and barbecue for their referral sources.

The Free Lunch Program: Hold a Referral Appreciation Luncheon at a top restaurant. Invite past, existing, and potential referral sources to thank them for their support. We give out prizes, present a short talk, and even show video testimonials.

Group Marketing: The power of event marketing is that you are getting groups of referral sources together, which saves you a ton of time and also positions you as the expert. Events create memorable experiences as well. It creates a sense of community. Set up a Q&A or an educational talk for your referral sources, hold educational events (even get them approved for continuing education credits) or webinars. This positions you as the expert.

Even if you bring in a speaker, you are the one who is making the experience possible.

Golf Tournaments and Charity Events: Get involved in events that your referral sources are involved in. Serve and support them and hopefully get the microphone!

Joint Mailers: Your referral sources send your phenomenal information to their clients to add value to them. This generates even more referrals as you are targeting a niche audience that has a relationship with the referral source.

As you can see, there are many referral marketing strategies you can use. And my experience is that referral marketing is the key to creating record sales and profits serving the niche clients you want to serve.