13 Phenomenal Business Strategies for 2013


These 13 strategies can totally revolutionize your business. Do you really want to miss the opportunity to learn them?

This is what you will learn at the next live conference February 7th-9th in Houston, but ONLY if you are there, and the clock is ticking…

1. You’ll be taken on a behind-the-scenes, guided tour of my multi-million dollar, highly systematized service company. You’ll see how we get a dozen trucks ready for service, how we answer the phone, and how we get our employees to do what they are supposed to do. Nothing is held back. Talk to my staff and pick their brain. You’ll get a picture of what your business should (and can) look like.

2. You’ll learn how to Get Your Business FIT. The #1 reason small business owners don’t grow (or do as well as they could) is because of F.T.I. (Failure To Implement). You’ll learn how to Focus, Implement and Track.

3. You’ll learn the GPS for Phenomenal Marketing Success. How to set your marketing Goals, Plans, and what the marketing Systems are.

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4. How to Become a Phenomenal Networker. All of business is about relationships and this is the most valuable business skill you can have.

5. How to Build Rapport Fast. The better you are at building rapport, the faster you’ll have a mutually beneficial working relationship with a referral source.

6. The 8 Things You Need to Communicate to a powerful referral source to encourage them to refer you.

7. The 14 Ways to Overcome Referral Objections. Gleaned from some of my top students.

8. How to Deliver a Phenomenal Presentation. These proven steps will improve your networking skills, as well as any talks you need to do.

9. The Phenomenal Power of Event Marketing. Whether it’s a golf tournament, webinar, or product knowledge talk at someone’s office, getting groups together saves you time, money and energy (and creates excitement and a sense of community).

10. Phenomenal Joint-Venture Marketing. Discover how to create massive success by having a referral source market FOR you.

11. Get Your 2013 Business Plan on paper. This is a simple plan that you can follow through the year for phenomenal success.

12. The Latest in Social Media Marketing from Epiphany Marketing. Learn what platforms you should be using and how to do it.

13. The Latest from My Marketing Mentor, David Frey. David is an internationally known marketing expert in Referral Marketing, Send Out Cards, and Internet Marketing.

These 13 things will make your 2013 the most phenomenal ever, but ONLY if you’re there!

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I hope I get to see you in person,

Howard Partridge


I know that taking time away from your business and the expense of traveling might tempt you to “skip” this one, but you must make an investment to get a return.

Other than the Grace of Almighty God and the people He has put in my life, I can tell you that learning and attending live events has created the biggest impact in my own businesses and career.

I encourage you to do everything you can to be there.