Who Do You Think You Are?

Several years ago, I was part of a small group of local service company

owners who met every week to network. Many in this group had what

Zig Ziglar calls “Stinkin’ Thinkin’” and needed a “check-up-from-the-
neck-up” – it left them with a serious case of “hardening of the attitudes”!


They complained about the economy and whined that customers

wouldn’t pay their prices. They were disgusted because they didn’t have

much business.


As they complained, I couldn’t help but notice how some of them were

dressed – cut-off blue jeans, flip-flops and they hadn’t shaven. I arrived ev-
ery week wearing a sport coat, a tie, and a positive attitude. They laughed

at me and said, “Who do you think you are, Zig Ziglar or somebody?”


The funny thing is I didn’t know Zig at the time; I had never met him

at that point. Today, I’m the exclusive small business coach for the Ziglar

Inc., Zig has appeared at my conferences and Tom Ziglar (Zig’s son) and

I have done over 50 speaking engagements together around the world

including Cambridge University. The last chapter of Zig’s very last book ,

BORN TO WIN, was based on one of my teachings.



The irony is that the most important thing I learned from Zig Ziglar

is this…


Who you THINK you are and what you think you can do will have

the biggest impact on your success in life and business.


The image you have of yourself determines the success you have in

life and business. What you THINK about your potential for success will

make the biggest difference in your actual success. What you THINK

about God and what you THINK about others literally affects the actions

you take, which ultimately determines your success. When we connect

how we think to our habits that control us, everything changes.


This book takes you through the process everyone goes through when

attempting to change a habit, learn a new skill or implement a new idea.


It all starts with how you THINK of yourself.


Zig taught that a poor self-image is what keeps humans from the suc-
cess they were created to have. What we truly believe about ourselves

limits our potential because every human acts or doesn’t act based on how

they see themselves. You will take action based on the picture you see in

your mind. So, you must change the picture if you want to change your



You may not even be aware of your limiting thoughts because they

are often hidden in what I call the conditioned identity. Your conditioned

identity is the image that you’ve accepted of yourself based on the condi-
tioning you have received over a lifetime of input.


We are told what we can and can’t do by family members, society and

the media. We are placed in a box by others’ wishes rather than living out

the true purpose we were created for.


“This is just who I am” is often the motto.


This book is about discovering how to BE the phenomenal person you

were created to BE, so that you will DO the phenomenal things you are

supposed to do and HAVE the phenomenal life you are meant to have.



This book is about living out of your position rather than your condi-
tion. Every human has a position that is misunderstood. When I meet a

stranger, and we exchange “How are you?,” I always say “phenomenal,”

of course. And I follow with “And so are you!” The responses I get from

that vary from “Well, thank you,” to “I know!” to “What do you mean?”


Then I ask this crucial question: “Do you know WHY you are phe-
nomenal? Do you believe in God?” (Most say yes). “Well, God don’t make

no junk right? Everything He makes is phenomenal!”


We weren’t created to be unsuccessful, were we? The problem is that

we don’t know that we ARE created to be phenomenal, and therefore

don’t act accordingly. This book is about the processes of becoming who

you already are. How ironic.


Zig said…


You are WHAT you are and WHERE you are because of what has

gone into your mind. You can CHANGE what you are and where you

are by CHANGING what goes into your mind.


Frank Outlaw said….

When you Change your THINKING,

You Change your BELIEFS.

When you Change your beliefs,


You Change your EXPECTATIONS.

When you Change your expectations,

You Change your ATTITUDE.


When you Change your attitude,

You Change your BEHAVIOR.


When you Change your behavior,


You Change your PERFORMANCE.

When you Change your performance

You Change your LIFE


He also said…

Watch your THOUGHTS, they become WORDS

Watch your words, they become ACTIONS

Watch your actions, they become HABITS

Watch your habits, they become your CHARACTER

Watch your character, they determine your DESTINY



Excerpt from my book, “Think and Be Phenomenal”

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