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Posted on 16-02-19 by admin

A friend of mine asked his billionaire neighbor (who owns a lot of companies) for advice. The billionaire business owner said, “Build your business to sell it and then keep it!” If you are a skeptic, you may think it’s a fantasy to have a turnkey business that allows you to travel and do the...Read More

Posted on 16-02-04 by admin

Keeps the owner in line I don’t know about you, but I like to change things, update them, and try something new from time to time. As the owner, you may like to tinker, or you decide which part of the system you feel like using that day. As the owner, you have to be...Read More

Posted on 16-01-28 by admin

The key to profitable growth Have you ever seen companies that grow big fast only to discover that more money is going out than is coming in? I have. And it is not very phenomenal! The bigger you get without systems, the more money is going out the door in reinventing every day. Employees perform...Read More

Posted on 16-01-18 by admin

GPS—Goals, Plans, Systems G is for Goals. Without clearly defined goals, you will never know where you are going, or if and when you get there. You must have clearly defined life goals and business goals. They must be written down. They must be yours. They must be meaningful to you. They must be specific...Read More

Posted on 16-01-11 by admin

GPS for Phenomenal Success Have you ever used a GPS (Global Positioning System)? Of course you have. GPS is used by many to get from “here to there” these days. When I started my business 28 years ago, we used something called a “map,” and it was made of this interesting material called paper! But...Read More

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