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Systems Component #3: Policies These are the guidelines—the rules and regulations. Policies are to clarify expectations on conduct issues, dress code, etc. A good example of a set of policies is what would be in your Employee Handbook. Be sure that your policies complement your mission rather than compete with it. For instance, if your...Read More

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The Four Roles of the Business Owner On the Wheel of Life, mentioned in Chapter 1, there’s a spoke called “Career.” You want to think about what role you want to fulfill in your small business. Don’t worry about how right now. Just think about your life goals and what kind of work lifestyle you...Read More

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Systems Component #2: The Organizational Chart Owning your own business can be overwhelming because of the number of “hats” you have to wear. Someone not only has to do the technical work of the business, but someone has to market, someone has to go on sales calls, someone has to do the bookkeeping, someone has...Read More

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• Your mission reveals who your target market is. Does everyone want the most outstanding service experience? No, some people want the lowest price. Does everyone feel like a slave to their business? No. Does everyone want the finest coffee in the world? No. If you try to be everything to everyone, you won’t be...Read More

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The Five Vital Components of a System If you understand and apply the following components, you can systematize just about anything. Assembling these five components creates the ultimate system. I believe these five components will work for any type of business or organization: The Mission The Organizational Chart Policies Procedures Job Descriptions Systems Component #1:...Read More

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